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Her Practice™ guides women chiropractors from the maze of uncertainty and competition to a place of profound confidence in their unique practice philosophy and patient care approach.

Develop clear branding / narrow down your niche / find your secret sauce / finalize your patient treatment plan / love what you do

Dr. Lindsey - 2 year chiro

“Dr.Christina taught me how to kick a*s and I am so blessed because of it!”

If you're debating on if you should work with her - JUST DO IT - its the best decision you'll ever make!

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“I'm beyond grateful.”

Dr.Christina, you listened to my dream, treated it like your own then gave me the actual tools to build it while supporting me each step of the way. 

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“A mentor? It's more like having a partner, honestly. So helpful!”

If you choose to work with Dr.Christina in ANY way - you'll be better off for it. She has helped me design my practice around my life. I'm so thankful.

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"Dr. Christina makes your practice her priority, your dreams her mission & doesn't hold anything back."

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DR. nikki

"I went from 30 to 80 patient visits a week in 6 months of mentorship with HP & Dr.C. I don't think thank you is enough for changing my practice, my life, my everything but... thank you."

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DR. debbie - 3 year CHIRO

"I feel like I was meant to find + work with Dr.Christina."

I’m blessed that my practice is set up to work for me from the very beginning. I felt lost + honestly scared before working with her. I now feel empowered + like there is no limit to my practice or frankly, my happiness

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Dr. Christina

Dr. Christina

I'm the big sis Chiropractor you've always wanted. I had 12 banks tell me NO, so when the 13th gave me a tiny loan I jumped + opened my practice 2 months before the 2008 resession, built her from ZERO patients to a $1M in collections by year 4 + didn't just survive but thrived for the past 15 years in practice.

My next chapter is to help as many women chiropractors do the same, but faster & easier!

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CEO, 15+ year Chiro & Private Practice Specialist 

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