I'm Dr.Christina...

I'm the big sis Chiropractor you've always wanted. I had 12 banks tell me NO, so when the 13th gave me a tiny loan I jumped + opened my practice 2 months before the 2008 resession, built her from ZERO patients to a $1M in collections by year 4 + didn't just survive but thrived for the past 15 years in practice.

My next chapter is to help as many women chiropractors do the same faster + easier.

If you're wanting to raise the bar as to what it means to own your DREAM practice then I'm your girl... Let's ditch that compete and compare vibe + create more wildly successful women chiropractors.

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So turns out, When I was building my practice + looking for help, I couldn't find it so now I want to share all I've learned along the way so you can fast forward a decade + fall in love with your practice from DAY ONE. 

Consulting for Chiropractors Who Want to Thrive

lets take your practice to what it was to what it was always meant to be.

"There are not enough words to explain the difference she has made, not only in my practice, but in me as an individual professional and person."

Dr. Madeline is creating the clinic of her dreams

in her own words...

Man, where do I start?

Dr. Christina helped me level up in literally every category of my practice. From action steps to EHR, we were able to move in a forward direction. I went from feeling stagnant, with new things being added to my messy pile daily, to listing things out, making a game plan, and executing. She has kept me on track and focused!!

Prior to working with HerPractice™, I felt really alone in running my business. I was up the creek without a paddle, if you know what I mean. I was stressed out and overwhelmed.. it was getting really hard. Dr. Christina stepped in and immediately became my teammate. Nothing in my business was off the table and I've come to feel like there is not a mess too sticky that her and I cannot work together to clean up. It has given me hope, excitement, and joy in running this practice and creating the clinic of my dreams. 

When HerPractice™ ads started popping up on my facebook, I didn't pay much attention. However, it was consistent enough that I finally was like, "you know what? fine. I'll check this out." From the first zoom I had with Dr. Christina, I knew she was an answer to my prayers. She is driven, intelligent and kind. She is supportive and task oriented. She is relational and professional. I went from stressed out, disorganized, and insecure in running a business to where I am genuinely excited for my admin hours now. I feel like she took me from a place of surviving my vocation into dreaming about all that it can be. She helped restore my passion and filled in the gaps where I was lacking experience and knowledge. There are not enough words to explain the difference she has made, not only in my practice, but in me as an individual professional and person. I value her support with my dearest sincerity. I have told my staff that if it came down to receiving my full paycheck or keeping onboard with Dr. Christina, I would personally reallocate the funds.

She is simply the best. 
-Dr. Madeline

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"I’ve been blessed with a handful of Chiropractic mentors in the past 17 years of practice, but Dr. Christina has been the icing on the cake! 🧁"

Dr. Melinda has been hungry for practice results + finally seeing them!

in her own words...

I just really love how you have encouraged me to trust myself. I am impressed with how attentive you are and helpful. I also appreciate the added effort to implement ads and help me make cute canva material. You weren’t just like go do it, but always asking how can I help you take that off my plate. I really appreciate your attitude of success also. ♥️

I’ve been blessed with a handful of Chiropractic mentors in the past 17 years of practice, but Dr. Christina has been the icing on the cake! 🧁 I’ve been so hungry for results in practice always feeling like I had to spin so many plates of choices and decisions. Dr. Christina helped me focus and keeps me on track with tasks and procedures in practice that makes me have clarity and ease. I love how she has experience and accomplished the goals I want to achieve. She is so fun and energetic to work with and has amazing skills and knowledge to share. Most of all, as a business owner, what I love most is how invested she is into my results. And they are showing up! She’s more than a coach telling me what to do, she walks me through things, holds me accountable and checks-in, this makes it personable. That’s why I can say she’s the best! She has the biggest heart of service. I’m so grateful to work with you Dr. Christina!!!!

(Seriously the best..ever! 😍)
-Dr. Melinda

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"Dr. Christina been a god-send for my business, She’s like a little Chiropractic business fairy that I always have in my back pocket."

Dr. Erin has grown in ways she never thought possible in such a short amount of time

in her own words...

Believing that I could really do this on my own and achieve my big goals. I always knew it would be difficult on my own but having Dr. Christina has made it feel like I’m not going at this alone. Not only have you helped with my business but you’ve helped me personally in more ways than one. I seriously cant thank you enough! 

I am the most impressed by the level of support and how uniquely catered this whole mentorship is to me and my business. Coming from a business coaching program where it was cookie cutter video watching, have everyone do the same thing etc. I was shocked at how personally catered the coaching was to me. Dr. Christina listened intently to my dreams and goals and made sure that every single thing we did was with that goal in mind.

I also just really appreciate all the expertise you have in so many areas!  

I get choked up a little even writing this. Dr. Christina and the HerPractice Mentorship has been the best thing to ever happen to me and my business. I learnt the hard way that choosing the RIGHT business coach for you, is not a decision to be taken lightly. I was using a business coach prior to meeting Dr. Christina, that was giving the same cookie cutter advice to everyone, no matter the structure or type of business they were running. Dr. Christina, from the very get-go, showed me that every single thing we did together was going to be personalized and catered to MY business and with my big “North Star Goal” in mind. She’s like a little Chiropractic business fairy that I always have in my back pocket. She is always available to answer my questions, no matter what facet of my business it’s about. She is constantly open ears on ideas, thoughts, issues, rants, and has no problems giving it to me straight, with full honesty and transparency, but always with great explanations and reasoning. She gives you the space to work at whatever pace you choose, while still giving you nudges to stay on track and achieve your goals. Not only has Dr. Christina been a god-send for my business, but she even showed me an immense amount of compassion and almost became like a therapist while I went through some really hard times in my personal life. 

In today’s society, people like Dr. Christina are hard to find. She’s on top of her game and your game at all times, caring and compassionate, knows her shit in all things business, and is just a joy to be around (albeit virtual)! 

 Over the past 8 months, my business has grown in ways I never thought possible in that amount of time. I’ve gone from a few patients a week, to having a full schedule of patients and on the brink of a big expansion. And we’re not done yet!

Being a solo business owner can be incredibly lonely and overwhelming. The personalized business coaching from Dr. Christina and the HerPractice Mentorship is next to none, providing so much support you never feel like you’re going at it alone. A successful badass woman chiropractor, helping other woman chiropractors succeed in business…it doesn’t get much more niche or better than that! 

-Dr. Erin

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"There are not enough words to explain the difference she has made, not only in my practice, but in me as an individual professional and person."

Dr. jennifer is no longer stuck but pushing forward buidling her empire.

in her own words...

Having a sounding board and cheerleader in my pocket when I’m faced with intense practice decisions gives the confidence I need to push forward.

Super excited about having the voxer app because it’s like we were there in the moment to work through stuff together. 

Highly recommend HerPractice™ as a solo practitioner it’s given me that extra confidence boost and second pair of eyes on everything from strategy planning to just life problem solutions. 
-Dr. Jennifer


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Hi, I'm Dr.Christina +
 I'm Obsessed with skyrocketing the number of wildly successful women Chiropractors

I have made it my mission to help as many women Chiropractors reach their practice goals without burnout, without having to live in their parents basement (like I did), with all the awesome minus all the struggle. I know if I share my experience, my secrets, my failures and all the vulnerable up + downs in building my empire of a practice over the last 15 years I can catapult so many women through that glass ceiling + fast forward them to their dream practice...

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Defining your ideal patient is THE most important place to start when building your practice. Identifying the type of patient you want to help + work with all day every day is IMPORTANT + should be the FIRST thing you define in your practice. This foundation will catapult everything else from branding, tone of practice and so much more!

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